Communication, digital media and future: new scenarios and future changes


Digital media, technology, new theoretical perspectives have revolutionized the ways of interacting among individuals, acquiring information and knowledge, teaching, behaving in multicultural society and so on and so forth. The impact of new ways of communicating, social media, political platforms on daily lives is evident. Multifaced and different aspects of these topics have been discussed in the VI World conference on Media and Communication (MEDCOM), which was supposed to be held in Cagliari, in May 2020, and it has been postponed to June 2021, online. During that year, communicating revealed even more relevant for citizen live. We assisted to the great importance of best practices in crisis communication, and the critical situations generated by fake news and information overload. Many different topics and fields were included in the conference and, in this volume, we collected 22 papers representative of the discussion, open to scholars from all over the world. The volume is organized in 8 sessions, each one exploring one specific topic: 1. Social Media: Impact, Future, Issues; 2. Public Sector Communication; 3. Politics, Ethics and Communication; Section: 4 Multiculturalism, Cultural Studies, Youth, and Gender Communication; 5 Media Education; 6 Media and Corporate; 7 Screen Cultures; 8 Communication and Covid-19 Pandemic. The last session has been added to the conference after the first postponement to favor analysis of the future development of communication and its complexity after the pandemic experience.

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5 aprile 2022
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