Bioelectrical impedance analysis of body composition. Applications in sports science


This book represents the result of an interdisciplinary and international effort to provide an updated overview of the theoretical and methodological principles of bioimpedance, and their applications in sports science.
The structure and the writing style are intended to be useful for scholars and students in a range of academic disciplines, as well as for professionals wishing to expand and consolidate their knowledge in the field.

The first chapter, entitled “Body composition”, describes the variability of body composition in the two sexes, during the life cycle, and in different populations, considering the relationship to life style and health status. It also summarises the relevant models for the analysis of body composition.
The second chapter “Bioelectrical impedance analysis: principles, instruments, and measurement methods” is centred on bioimpedance - the theoretical principles, the advantages and limitations, the measurements and analytical procedures -, illustrating both the conventional procedure based on predictive equations and the alternative ones, such as phase angle and bioelectrical impedance vector analysis (BIVA).
The third chapter “Bioelectrical impedance analysis: Research on body composition in sports science” discusses the more recent applications of bioimpedance, and of BIVA in particular, in the field of physical training and sport.

The authors of this book are distinguished researchers in the field of Anthropology, Physiology, Nutrition, Sports science who share a research interest in body composition analysis: Roberto Buffa (University of Cagliari, Italy); Francesco Campa (University of Bologna, Italy); Jorge Castizo-Olier (Pompeu Fabra University, Spain); Marta Carrasco-Marginet (University of Barcelona, Spain); Edilson Serpeloni Cyrino (Londrina State University, Brazil); Hannes Gatterer (Institute of Mountain Emergency Medicine, Eurac Research, Italy); Luis Alberto Gobbo (Sao Paulo State University, Brazil); Maria Cristina Gonzalez (Catholic University of Pelotas, Brazil); Steven B. Heymsfield (Pennington Biomedical Research Center, USA); Alfredo Irurtia (University of Barcelona, Spain); Josely Correa Koury (State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil); Haydeé Serraõ Lanzillotti (State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil); Henry Lukaski (University of North Dakota, USA); Elisabetta Marini (University of Cagliari, Italy); Margherita Micheletti (University of Torino, Italy); Alessia Moroni (University of Torino, Italy); Lexa Nescolarde Selva (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain); Esther Rebato (University of the Basque Country, Spain); Analiza Monica Silva (University of Lisboa, Portugal; Silvia Stagi (University of Cagliari, Italy); Antonio Talluri (FatByte, Italy); Stefania Toselli (University of Bologna, Italy).

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6 luglio 2021
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